Friday, June 14, 2013

Almost everything that has happened in a year summed up in one blog

So here we go!
 Let's just start right where we left off:

-Adjusting to life with a baby is....relatively easy! It's like he's always been a part of our family.
-I go back to work after a really really short maternity leave. 
-Finds out people give you looks of incredulation when you tell them your baby sleeps through the night at 1 month. (Oh, September Ricqui, you have no idea what's in store....)
-Brigham City Temple is dedicated

-Porter had his first 'accidental-bump-on-the-head-caused-by-mom-and-mom-is-so-guilty-she-doesn't-set-you-down-for-2-hours'
-Porters first shots :( 
-Justin's birthday! WAHOO 26!
-started a book club with my sisters
-Halloween! Dressed Porter up as a lion. Make up does not stay very long on a baby. He kept rubbing it off. 
-Porter has his first sucker and LOVED it

-Porter is a snuggle bug
-Discovered that Porter has Eczema. This caused a bit of a panic because at first we thought it was an allergic reaction.  We had to stop using the Burts Bees baby lotion and soap because it dries his skin out like crazy! For a while we switched to Eucerin and Hydro-cortizon. Then we ended up with just coconut oil and lavender.
-Elections. We'll just leave it at that
-Gave Porter rice cereal for the first time. HE LOVED IT and did so good eating it. Had no problem at all with the spoon. In fact I couldn't give it to him fast enough. 
-THANKSGIVING WITH THE BRADLEYS! They were kind enough to let us invite ourselves to their thanksgiving :) 

-We find a puzzling Ugly Christmas Ornament. 
-Along with the holidays, the age-old argument about Santa has re-opened in the Griffiths house. 
-Women wearing pants to sacrament meeting...*sigh*
-Sandy Hook shooting. Porter slept in our bed for the next week after this. 
-Porter Rolls!! and rolls...and rolls...and rolls..
-Christmas in St. George with family and friends. 

-I start teaching Basic Computer Skills for Adults gor the next 8 weeks in which I learn how horrible our IT guys are.
-I meet the author Jeffery R. Savage and had a few books signed. Pretty cool dude. He also gave me a zombie sucker. Though, it really wasn't all that tasty. Can't complain too much, I mean, it's a ZOMBIE sucker
-We get a new hamster and promptly name him Gusterson
-A horrible snow storm hits us...and it just keeps snowing for the next 4 months

-Porter is officially 6 months old 
-He can also army crawl and climb up the stairs, and the baby gate, and the chair, and his crib
-Gusterson the Hamster dies. (We decide we are cursed with Hamsters)

-Porter can say Momomomomom and Dat (Dad) and can sit up and crawl with the best of them.
-We discover the Treehouse Children Museum. It quickly becomes one of my favorite places ever
-IT FINALLY STOPS SNOWING...for like a week. then snows again...then seriously stops snowing! 
-This month was our "Every household appliance breaks" month. Serious. Our washer and dryer went out within a few days of eachother, We get a cracked windshield and our brakes needed to be replaced. 
-Ports first tooth comes in!

(This was a really uneventful month)
-We started our garden
-I start teaching Basic Computer Skills for Seniors in which I learn a lot but mostly that our IT guys STILL suck.
-My birthday! We celebrated by running a 5k!

-IRON MAAAAAAN. Porter and I go down to St. George and volunteer at the Iron Man Race. Fun times!
-Golden Spike Re-enactment with Randi and her Kids. For a little museum out in the middle of nowhere this was actually really enjoyable. 
-Mothers day <3 div="" nbsp="">
-I have disagreeing opinions with Porters Doctor and Porter gets tested for low Iron levels in his blood. Everything is fine. Except My pride. 

And that brings us to June!
Not too much is happening for us this month. But we're only halfway through it so we'll see...
As usual I made Justin open his Father's Day presents early because I hate waiting. Porter is growing up so big. He climbs on everything. He's beginning to stand up by himself too. Yesterday he took 2 steps before he fell down. He'll walk if you're holding on to him. 

Hopefully we'll catch up with everyone before another year passes or almost passes. No promises! I'm working on some more projects as well. I have some clay stuff and Hopefully soon a quilt that I can show off.