Thursday, February 3, 2011

Scheming, uniquing and creating. Days 9, 10 & 11

Oh my beating heart
"Theme and scheme is a simple tool for starting a new project: Pick a theme, pick a color scheme that reflects that theme, and begin creating."
Tuesday was difficult and I'm not really happy with what came out of it BUT that's life I guess. You get winners and losers sometimes. I was supposed to pick a theme and come up with a color scheme that represents that theme. Because I felt biased I asked my husband to think of one for me. His result? Complete Satisfaction
Thanks babe! Now I really had no idea what to do. First off I have enough trouble verbalizing and explaining things as it is. Second off it's not just satisfaction but complete satisfaction. It took me all day to figure something out. I finally came up with the colors, brown, pink, yellow and blue. I felt like satisfaction is a very calming feeling almost like chocolate and a sunsets mixed together. Next I thought that when you're feeling completely satisfied your in a state of homeostasis. You're not stressed out, you're not worried, you're just happy to be where you are. I figured the best way to represent that is to show a heart beat. My dad teaches that a heart beat is the first thing you hear as a child in your mothers womb, it's the first thing you listen for to feel comforted. For me it felt like the perfect depiction of satisfaction. I finished it and realized it reminded me of a banana split . I dunno... it's not the best thing that I've done but it's something and I think that's all that really matters. In this chapter they talk about a lady who does collages and she said "The more I create, the more I create." I agree. As long as I just do something the next projects will be easier.

"Just as your choice of clothes, jewelry or shoes can give a stranger insight into your personality or character, your living space offers deeper reflection who you are and what you convey to the world."
Today was about taking a fresh look at my house and to ask myself some questions. Well my house was a mess with laundry we were doing and dishes that needed to be done I didn't want to take a fresh look at my house cause I am embarrassed about the mess. So I cleaned up a little first, organized and then took a look.

What are the items that show up over and over?: Uh...well books are definitely one thing that shows up a lot. We have tons of books. We have 3 book cases and they are all almost full of books, binders and things relating to books. The next thing that I think would show up would be pictures of me and Justin. We have them hanging up all over our house. In our living room, on our fridge and in our bedroom. Next would be pictures of Christ, The Family: A Proclamation to the World and the Living Christ. That's about it.

What are the themes that repeat themselves from room to room?: I don't really have a theme? Togetherness? Messiness? I dunno...that we're a happy couple?

What are the colors that you use to reflect your personality?: Since this is an apartment we can't really decorate it the way we want to. One thing about this apartment that I like and one thing that sold this apartment to us is the blue carpet. You can see it in some of the pictures. I guess we got to pick at least that cause all the other apartments had white carpet. Our pictures are also in black frames and are pretty elegant looking. Our bathrooms have funky curtains and tend to stick to some color scheme...what it says about my personality? Gosh...I guess that we care about what our space looks like. We didn't pick colors too crazy but unique enough to call it our own. So we're conscious of our area but we don't take ourselves too seriously.

What does your living space say about you, your life, where you are in your journey or how you approach the world?:  I think it says pretty clearly that we're a newly married couple, discovering how to live together and we're ready to take it one step at a time. It also depicts that we're tight for money and as cozy as a place we live in it's pretty bare too.

How can you relate the items you collect in your home to your clothing choices, your friends, or your relationships?: Uh...I have no idea. I don't have many friends and I don't think I relate the items that I collect to my friends or relationships. I don't collect many items. Maybe root beer bottles...but that's been just recently.

"Think of these collections as forgotten fragments of your life that can be reassembled, reorganized, or reused as art, as inspiration for new projects, or as craft materials. Alternatively, you can simply clean house, throw it all out, and start with a clean state--a process that can take your creative process in a completely different direction." 
Today's project: go through my old purses and create something with the items I find there. Another difficult one. I clean my purses out when I switch to a new one so I didn't really have much to go on. I found 4 sharpies one yellow, maroon, blue and lighter blue, 2 pens pink and blue, 2 pennies, an old old uneaten sour patch kid color orange, and some random papers and receipts. I was stumped. I decided  to start simply. I could use the sour patch kid as a small person maybe a fairy? Fairies usually are around nature like flowers that's where the pennies and the pens come in handy. I stripped the paper and using a hot glue gun layered them on each other then used the yellow and light blue/green sharpie and the pink and blue pen to draw the flowers. I used the blue sharpie as the sky and used an old receipt as the wings for my fairy and  layered those with a transparent paper
Again this isn't the best thing  I've ever made but with the materials I had I feel like I've done a pretty good job. I'm not much of an artist as far as drawing goes so my flowers are really amateur but they're good amateur flowers in my opinion!

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