Friday, March 16, 2012

A letter to the current Government Officials

To whom it may concern,
I think we have a misunderstanding.
I married my husband on December 18th 2010. When I married him I made many vows and commitments which I fully intend to uphold. I also chose HIM (now pay attention cause this is important) to live the rest of my life with and raise a family with.
As I understand it, polygamy and bigamy are illegal in this country. I married one man and am starting a family with one man. Where in the world did you get the idea that I wanted YOU to be in my marriage or in my life? Let me be clearer:  My husband is the only one that I will discuss how to feed my children, how to raise my children, when to have children, how to live our lives, where to worship, where and when I go to the doctors. Most importantly, My husband and I will be the only ones who decide the intimate details of our sexual lives as well. I married one man and intend to only have one man make those decisions with me.
 I am a fully functional adult female. I have a brain. I know how to take care of myself. My life isn't perfect and I make many many mistakes but those are MY mistakes and I will learn from them.
The fact that you feel obligated to tell me how to live my life is, frankly, insulting and degrading. I am capable of making hard choices, I do not need you.
 I believe whole heartedly, that the people of this country and I are fully capable of facing difficulties and trials that come with life. We have survived through enough already and have come out (somewhat) unscratched. What have we done that you should have such little faith in us?
What ever it was I would like to point out something that you seem bent on us forgetting: We are strong. Unfortunately, many people have forgotten that but I for one will NEVER forget it. I would just like you to know that I will tell everyone I meet and teach every single one of my children that We are strong, our country is strong and we have the power.
Stay out of our lives.
Ricquelle Griffiths

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