Thursday, September 15, 2011

Too tired to think of a title.

I should've updated this a while ago but that just seems to be the story of my blog. I've been hesitant to put this up because I'm never sure if my mom reads my blogs and what I'm going to post up now is her birthday present. I'm still working on hers, this is just a model. Also, My internet connection has been having major mood swings lately so there is a possibility of this post getting more and more sarcastic as I try to deal with the frustration.

Presenting: Rice Therapy Bags!

(Sorry for the quality of picture, it was taken on my phone)
Isn't it cute? It looks like a little owl! This is actually a rice therapy bag in it's cover. The cover is closed up top with 2 yellow buttons. Originally the design called for velcro but I had these buttons on hand that I wanted to try out. Next time, I'm gonna use velcro. I messed up big time on the button holes. I was trying to figure out the "button hole" setting on my sewing machine and it wasn't going too well

The blue rectangle is the actual rice bag, the owl looking thing is the outside bag that the blue thing goes in. I like it cause then I can wash the outer bag. 

I mixed with the rice some lime essential oils cause I really like the smell and it relaxes me. The odor has kind of faded from the use but it's still there. If you don't want to mix in essential oils you can always just put a drop or two on the outside cover.
 I found this wonderful pattern on this website-----> This is actually a really awesome website. It has a lot of cute tutorials on lots of different things. I want to try some of the pillow tutorials, they're cute. 

On a side note:
I just found out that I've had 498 page views on this blog!!  2 of those page views has been from Alaska and 1 viewer was from LATVIA! How cool is that?! This new layout also tells me who my top viewers are so Grandma and Devery! Thanks for reading my blog.  I love you guys! :D  

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