Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Porters Baby Blessing & 1 month!

This Labor day weekend we went down to St. George to bless Porter. We decided to do it in St. George because that's where most of our family and friends live and it would be easier for us to make the trip instead of everyone driving up here.
I can't believe Porter's a month old already! He's growing up so much!
The blessing was beautiful and it was so wonderful to see all of our family and have them meet Porter. He's one lucky boy to have so many loving relatives!

-20 inches
-He's staying awake longer
-Loves rattles
-Loves binkies
-Wants to be held ALL the time
-Starting to smile a little more

Grandma G meeting Porter for the first time.

Joseph and Porter

Porter and Aunt Jess

4 generations of Griffiths

Porter's middle name is named after his Great Grandpa and he looks exactly like his namesake! They could be twins!

I love this one cause his tongue is sticking out!

Great Grandparents G.

Daddy's boy.

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  1. Sorry we missed the blessing and family get together. Thanks for posting the pix and getting your blog updated!