Sunday, January 30, 2011

Day 5 The Power of Sacred Places

Friday day 5:
"Sacred places, such as temples, churches, and even outdoor amphitheaters, can serve two purposes--as a place to worship and reflect, but also as a potential source of inspiration for art, projects, or other creative output." 

Oh boy. Friday was difficult for me. The task was figuring out how spiritual places effect your art work and what kind of inspiration it provides you. Again it gives you questions as kind of a kick off point. The first thing it asks you to do is to go to your spiritual place and look around as if you were seeing it for the first time. Well I actually didn't go to my "sacred place" on Friday. I went on Saturday. Justin and I went to the temple and it felt like the first time all over again. It's indescribable how I feel when I go there. I'm supposed to reflect on pretty much everything. The details of the architecture, feelings, what I like, what I don't like. To tell you the truth while I was there I wasn't focusing on any of that. In fact my mind was pretty clear and open and I just enjoyed the experience. I do believe The Gospel does play a big part in my life and in my creativity. It would be hard for it not to. As to the question what kind of inspiration it gives me...I really don't know. I guess it could be the appreciation for beautiful things. For instance, the temple is beautiful. It's whole architecture is just stunning and unbelievable not to mention the purity it just seems to glow. I've guided my whole life to that place. My desire to be worthy enough to go through the temple and to be married in the temple has helped me pick my husband, my job, what music I listen to, what I read....and such. So naturally that would come through my writing and what ever art I do. I just can't really explain it and I'm not doing a very good job of articulating what I'm trying to say.

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