Sunday, July 17, 2011

An *exclusive* look into the making of Collins the Pig

Meet Collins the Pig.

My first hand-sewn stuffed animal! *cue fanfare!*
Yessiree bob! I made this guy and I am immensely proud of him. I've never done anything really like this and I was stunned by how simple it is.
The idea for Collins came from this book:
I love love love love love this book. My only complaint is it doesn't have instructions for all of the animals. The creatures it this book are adorable and imaginative!

Collins was so incredibly easy to make. I made it out of 2 socks, 2 buttons, 2 beads, 4 cotton balls, some thread, and a bit of cotton. I recommend this book to everyone. Do not be intimidated by the hand sewing! It is so incredibly easy. Also, just keep one thing in mind. If Ricqui can do it, you can Definitely do it! I'm a horrible seamstress, not to mention worse hand-sewer but this was easy and I managed to create something that I'm proud of. Collins was created in just a few hours.
Currently, I've had a request from my husband to make a sheep. So that's what I'm trying to do and somewhat succeeding. The best part about making stuffed animals is that it's OK if things are disproportional or sewn crooked or lumpy cause all of those "Screw-ups" gives it character. It makes it yours!
I'm determined to create my own little misfit island of stuffed animals and even though some may come from a book, I still can claim them as mine!

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